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A partnership between Colombia and Hollywood, Film the Americas is an international production company focused on attracting productions from around the world to the diverse lands of Colombia.

We want to bring solutions to US based production companies so they can film in South America with smaller Budget. Consulting on how to film in SA

Film the Americas is an experienced production company designed to attract productions from the United States to South America.

About Us

William Young

William Young is an industry veteran with over a decade as a producer in Los Angeles. Experience in both creative and production, William has excelled as a Showrunner, Director, Line Producer and Production Manager. His work extends across a number of different television platforms, from scripted to game shows to live productions.

Prior to production, William received his MFA in Screenwriting and BA in Journalism. Now, along with his business partner, he is excited to help US productions discover the amazing filming resources of Colombia.

Abraham Palacio

Abraham Palacio is a director and producer with a wealth of experience in sports journalism in Colombia. Over the last couple of years, he has been developing projects related to soccer, earning funding for digital media as well as writing and presenting plans for the press office of the soccer team La Equidad.

His experience is compliments with his work in the direction of photography of recognized brands in Colombia. Now, along with his business partner, he is eager to help the Colombian cinema industry to grow.

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